Albion Betterment Committee projects pursued to date include:

  • A nine mile south bank Erie Canal bluebird trail, consisting of 240 boxes, established in 2004
  • “Welcome to Albion, Where History Lives” signage (in collaboration with Albion Central School)img031-1000“Where History Lives” eastern canal approach to Albionimg033-1000Mr. Keller likes to think he’s the boss!img035-1000Under Mr. Mergler’s watchful eyeimg037-1000 Jeff Evoy (1965 – 2016): devoted to kids and all things educational. To have known him is to miss him.

    img039-10003 teachers supervising 5 students … ideal!

  • Planted and nurtured 48 white dogwoods in the Village with Albion Student and District Assistance
  • Constructed, with Doug Mergler’s classes, hundreds of bluebird and American kestrel nest boxes
  • Used donated materials to build oversize feeders with adult volunteers supervising student construction
  • Kept feeders at senior locations filled for several years with student help
  • Collaborated with Oakfield students to construct over 130 bluebird boxes
  • Have watered Village of Albion flower baskets and planters for several years
  • Worked with A.C.S. students to “post” American kestrel boxes
  • Committed $3,000 to Albion Main Street Alliance (AMSA) and wrote letters of support for some of their initiatives
  • Supports Bullard Park revitalization with advice and letters of support for grants
  • Works with “Energize Albion” and supports “Rock the Park” events
  • Helped initiate and assist animal adoption through Orleans County Animal Shelter
  • Established a Senior Support System with two dozen volunteers working with Office for the Aging
  • Participated in replacing senior citizen smoke alarm batteries
  • Has planted, trimmed, watered, fertilized and made trees available to Village of Albion residents
  • Has run a weekly, one of a kind senior gas pumping service continuously since February, 2004
  • Formally applied to The Stamp Advisory Committee for issuance of Charles Howard Christmas Stamps
  • Is focusing attention on our historic legacy through promotion of Albion’s Charles W. Howard (read more>>>)
  • Provided APD with “Cone Zone” coupons for kids “caught being good”
  • Pruned 2  100+ year old landmark village trees with help of volunteer arborist Darryl Moyer using Pete Panek’s bucket truck
  • Removed eyesore chestnut and pruned its “twin” in downtown
  • Gave 60 ‘U-Need-O-Burrito’ fish fry coupons to seniors
  • Submitted letter of support for 2 village tree grant applications
  • Commissioned “Believe”sign
  • Kestrel banding, Summer 2017: The Albion Betterment Committee worked with the Orleans Bluebird Society to being banding some American Kestrels. These kestrels are being raised in the sixty, or so, kestrel boxes the groups have posted in Orleans County for a dozen years.IMG_1745.1000IMG_1771.1000